Monday, April 18, 2011


Zoolander stars Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller and was directed by Ben Stiller himself. The plot is ridiculously silly, all of which adds to the fun. Stiller plays America’s top male model Derek Zoolander, owner of the trademarked "Blue Steel" look. His life consists of fashion shows and awards shows, where he is under threat from up-and-coming pretty-boy Hansel (Owen Wilson) However, when he is mysteriously kidnapped for a day, a pretty investigative journalist (Christine Taylor) helps Zoolander understand that he’s been brainwashed by a sinister group of fashionistas, and he gets caught up in an assassination plot on the president of Malaysia. Some of the audience’s and my favorite scenes are include the hilarious advert-inspired ‘Orange Mocha Frappucino’ scene and the ‘walk-off’ challenge scene between Hansel and Zoolander. The acting is excellent. Stiller speaks with a strange accent throughout and takes a little getting used to, but delivers an excellent nonetheless. He’s also a generous director, giving as many laughs to Wilson, who is hilarious as always, and his support cast as he does to himself. Overall, Stiller has given us a simple, fun, silly film that is full of laughs making it a classic.


  1. Though this movie might be one of the campiest, cheesiest comedies ever made, there is something to be said for a movie that has people quoting and re-enacting model poses in their everyday life for years and years to follow. I will always love Zoolander, and I will never be a hand model.

  2. I love this film

    Love, love, love.