Thursday, April 28, 2011

Worlds Greatest Dad

The World’s Greatest Dad is a dramatic comedy that consists of a lot more drama than comedy. Lance, played by Robin Williams, is an elderly school teacher and failed author. He is a lonely man who isn’t married and has one son. Lance and his son, Kyle, have nothing in common. Lance’s supposed “girlfriend” is having relations with another man. To sum up his life, it sucks. When Lance comes home from a date with his girlfriend, he finds his son dead with a belt around his neck and his pants down. Realizing his son’s death occurred during an embarrassing masturbation accident, Lance begins to emotionally break down. He decides to cover up his son’s embarrassing death by moving him into his closet so it appeared that Kyle hung himself. Lance proceeds to write Kyle’s fake suicide note. While writing the note, he realizes that his son was masturbating to pictures of Lance’s girlfriend. Upon his return to school, he realizes that his son’s suicide note is published in the school paper. When teachers and students alike are profoundly shocked by the astonishing level of literature presented in the suicide note, fellow colleagues of Lance ask to view more of Kyle’s supposed writing. Lance, from the point of view of his son, creates a memoir that stuns the entire school. As an inspiring author, Lance is shocked at the acclaim his son is receiving for his work. When a publishing company offers Lance a contract to publish his son’s memoir, he realizes that he is way over his head.
This movie reflects many valuable life lessons. In life, the things you aspire to be may not be the things that make you happy. Throughout his entire life, Lance was an English teacher who wanted nothing more than to be an accomplished writer. When he finds success through his dead son’s fake writing, he realizes that he is living a lie and has never been more lonesome in his life.

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