Monday, April 18, 2011


With a great plot line and great battle scenes Braveheart takes the cake at the Grammies and in my opinion as one of the best films ever. An action packed, romantic movie with much more. Braveheart is a very gory movie with beheadings, throat slitting, and stomach gouging scenes. A little stomach twirling for some people but all in all a movie I would recommend to the stronger stomached war fanatics. William Wallace (Mel Gibson) the main character is considered a Scottish rebel looking for complete freedom. England’s King Edward the Longshank is looking to take the throne completely for himself, taking all land, eventually running the country. Williams’s ancestors have fought for ‘freedom’ in the past and he has the same intuition. He leads an army that rises considerably throughout the movie of men that are looking for the same thing, this freedom. Wallace builds up an army of townspeople that slays the English troops, his rebellion spreads quickly and people are eager to sign up to his army. They have many successful battles and show to be a tough match for the English. A group of townspeople… Fighting against a highly trained and specialized army…(very inspirational if you ask me) The only movie I can compare it to is 300, people fighting for something they believe in and don’t care whether they die or not.

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  1. Remember: Every man dies, but not every man lives.