Friday, April 1, 2011

Rocky Movie Review

If your somebody that enjoys feel-good, underdog sports movies, then Rocky is a movie you won't want to miss. The story of an amateur boxer named Rocky Balboa who receives a chance to fight for the Heavyweight Title of the World. Rocky is a rather dimwitted, below average boxer who lives in a lower-class area of Philadelphia. When he gets the chance to fight, his trainer Mickey pushes him to the extremes of human capabilities, pushing him to the limits and making him believe throughout that he can win and successfully pull off the greatest upset the sport has ever seen. He finds love in a pet shop employee, the shy and reserved Adrian, who motivates and pushes him to be the best boxer he can be. The fight details the clash between the two warriors in an epic bout in which only can be decided by the judges themselves.
Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone and nicknamed the "Italian Stallion", portrays an underdog that captures the hearts and affection of the audience. The story works on many levels because of it's mass appeal. It's a sports movie, but also portrays in-depth character analysis which unfolds due to plot disclosure, and it's outcome tells the story of a drama film. Sylvester Stallone also writes the script, enabling him to accurately depicting who he felt "Rocky Balboa" really was.
This movie flat out rocks. It has all the intense action a sports movie offers and portrays the problems represented in a drama, all infused with romance. The classic movie viewer will demand more from this movie. The series continues with five more parts. This movie is essentially the beginning of arguably the best sports series of movies of all time. An instant classic, I give it a two-thumbs-up!

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