Monday, April 18, 2011

The Patriot

I have read a lot of movie reviews on The Patriot and have come to a conclusion that no one really fell in love with it. They felt that it was a bad movie but somehow it was a lot of fun, so it was ok, receiving three stars. I personally loved this movie, it was a very classic war movie and all of the Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger fans will like it as well. It is a perfect classic heroic war film, about a man that is fighting for his country, and his family. The Patriot is a fascinating movie during the American Revolution about a single father. A small town farmer Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) and his seven children live a very comfortable life on a farm. Benjamin is called to the South Carolina Assembly to contribute to a debate to go to war with England. His vote against it is not enough to stop it. His son Gabriel (Heath Ledger) enrolls in the war with lack of his father’s acceptance. Benjamin stays out of the war, trying to put all his past bad memories behind him of the French and Indian war. However, when he loses one of his sons to an English bullet the war becomes personal. The English burn his house down and ruin his life, all he has left is his family and he must protect them. All of this is owed to Col. William Travington whom we see as your regular bad guy. Through the Mise-en-scene and cinematography we truly see a spectacular film that is very uplifting. I don’t know who rated this movie but it is worth much more than a three star rating. This movie has a lot of significant meaning throughout it and is very heartwarming and inspirational.

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