Monday, April 18, 2011

A British Commodity

Four Weddings and Funeral is both hilarious and tear jerking. A given, one realizes with the title. The story follows a group of British friends, all in the age when weddings were happening every other weekend. Hugh Grant plays a young bachelor searching for love. It seems that he has been searching for quite a while, because he has dated just about every woman at the weddings. They all glare at him as Grant gives his usual awkward smirk before saying “right” just before turning around.

Grant’s performance is his classic role, which is what makes it so perfect. His usual rendezvous get him into some trouble and the hilarity begins. Grant’s group of friends in the film make it just that much more witty and exciting.

Andie MacDowell plays Grant’s love-interest. It is classic case of a wrong place-wrong time love affair that lasts for what seems like an endless amount of time. She is just what the movie needs; a pretty girl that is anything but one of Hugh Grant’s previous girlfriends. She starts to spin his life out of control. All of his encounters are very funny especially for those who appreciate British humor.

The funeral adds the opposite emotion of sorrow. Without it, the film would be all fun and games. The death is very sudden and tragic but what is most emotional is the eulogy given at his funeral. A very well written speech is given in the film giving it much more substance. The funeral adds the drama factor into the genre

We have seen Hugh Grant’s character many times before but this film came out in 1994 so it was one of the earlier charming performances he gave. Possible one of the performances that have made Grant the actor he is today.

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