Monday, April 18, 2011

The Fockers Did It Again

Little Fockers is a hilarious comedy film and sequel to the equally humorous movie Meet the Parents. It is directed by Paul weitz. It stars Robert De Niro as the ex-agent father (Jack), Ben Stiller as the disarrayed husband (Greg) of Pam (Teri Polo) who go through multiple family dramas and unfortunate events in their little circle of trust. This film has many funny instances and will leave couples leaving the theatre glad they don't have a family as crazy and misfortunate as this one. This sequel is surprisingly good for a comedy and hasn't gone down the hill yet. The funny inside jokes of the film are constantly repeated through each movie with the lines of the "God-Focker" or "I am watching you".  Most films would be done after the first one but this specific movie has kept up the funny moments and silly situations coming as if it where the first movie released of the three. Ben Stiller does a great acting performance of counteracting all of Jacks attempts to sabotage Pam and Gregs marriage. There are some sad parts in the film and an extremely funny scene of Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller brawling it out in a kids ball pit at the end and ends perfectly as everyone is happily together and seem to be brought closer to one another through all the drama the family deals with. I highly enjoyed this film and would especially suggest it to families and young adults because of the PG-13 rating and funny family encounters.    

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