Monday, April 18, 2011

Dark and Mysterious

F. Gary Gray keeps the audience at the edge of their seats in his 2009 thriller Law Abiding Citizen. Staring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, the plot thrives on the power struggle between a man and his former attorney.

Different from any of his other roles, “Clyde” outsmarts his enemies instead of using physical force like in Bulter’s lead role in 300. Both films promote Bulter’s toughness and determination in his roles. However, his role as “Clyde” is much more personable. The film draws us in my starting with a painful scene to watch, throwing us right into the action. The scene that one would typically see in the climax of the movie is getting the action started early. As an audience we feel bad for “Clyde” and do not pin him as the villain.

Jamie Foxx on the other hand plays the same old “good cop” character that he always plays. Only difference is instead of a cop he plays a lawyer, but the title is meaningless in terms of his performance. A role we have seen before from Foxx he plays well as always.

Bulter gives an outstanding performance and shows that he can play anything. He shows us his new role as Dark and Mysterious fugitive. He can make us fall in love in P.S. I Love You. He can kill an army without breaking a sweat in 300. He can also make mistakes like The Bounty Hunter. Law Abiding Citizen was no mistake. Bulter gave an excellent performance while playing a much more complex character than he had in the past. Foxx gave good support but nothing worth praising.

Over all, the movie was very intriguing and mysterious. During the movie the audience is torn on whom to root for. This gives the movie the suspenseful edge it needs to succeed. The film is very entertaining and has a dramatic ending the audience would not expect. One of Gerard Bulter’s best films yet, Law Abiding Citizen is a must-see.

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