Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In the movie Orphan, a husband and wife decide to adopt a baby in order to help change their troubled life. The child they choose, is a Russian kid around 5 years old. She seems very bright for her age, as she picks up on playing the piano and other things very quickly. The one bad thing about this girl is that everywhere she goes, she brings death and trouble with her. Both of her parents died and the hospital she was at magically burned down. After a while the parents two true blood children realize that this girl is evil and she is the one murdering everybody. The mom just doesn’t like the adopted child, but the dad loves her, and the kid uses that to her advantage. She manipulates him and causes the parents to fight with each other. Eventually, the family figures out that she is not a child, but instead she is an adult in her thirties, who just has some growing disorder.

There are no well known actors in this film, but Isabelle Fuhrman, who plays the orphan, did a pretty solid job. She was convincing and she was quite scary.

Overall, this movie is average at best. With an average plot and no big name actors, the movie has little to work with. After the movie was over, and while it was still going on towards the end, I kept thinking to myself wow is this stupid. I give the movie two out of five stars.

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