Monday, April 18, 2011


Stepbrothers was directed by Adam Mckay and stars the hilarious Will Ferrell(Brennan Huff) and John C. Reilly (Dale Doback). Adam McKay was Ferrell's partner on the internet comedy videos "The Landlord" and "Good Cop, Baby Cop" (where a toddler relentlessly bullies Ferrell's character), as well as being a writer on the seminal comedy programme Saturday Night Live. Ferrell and Reilly are perfectly paired as man-child rivals in this bromantic comedy. The pair stars as lazy, live-at-home 40 year old men who become competitive stepbrothers when their single parents find love and get married. Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins play the blissful parents who begin to plan this new chapter in their life which does not include their selfish sons. When the stubborn, childish pair of men first lay eyes on each other, each sizes up their opponent from either end of the front yard. The screenplay reaches it’s best out of altercations such as, "Did you touch my drum set?", and goofy scenes such as the boys' inept attempts to land jobs in the real world. Anyone with a sibling will surely relate to the childish nonsense shown throughout. Thanks to their ability to convincingly portray adults who have never emotionally advanced beyond their pre-adolescent years, Ferrell and Reilly perfectly inhabit these obnoxious yet hilarious characters, making this an extremely funny, classic Will Ferrell film.

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  1. Still waiting for a Will Ferrell movie that I can like. I thought he was pretty poor on THE OFFICE as well last week.