Friday, April 29, 2011

Only a very good scary movie can keep you up all night from how scary it was. This movie is brilliant and one of the scariest I have seen in a while. If you haven’t seen the first one, I would see it and then see this one. Paranormal Activity 2 is truly a mindboggling film with parts that make you jump five feet out of you chair. The connection between Paranormal Activity One and two is so crazy it will blow you off your feet. In a small town we find a young father and mother with a newborn and a young daughter Molly. After a series of break ins the Rey family decides to set up security cams all over the house. A couple of days later the family starts to notice some weird things in the house. Things that is near to unexplainable. Kristi Rey is sisters with Katie the girl from the original movie, this connection is one of the main reasons they are in the devils hands. A spiritual gathering when they were younger doomed both of them for eternity. Daughter Molly is the first to notice that strange things are happening in the house and tells her parents. Her father looks at the tapes and doesn’t notice much and what he does notice doesn’t freak him out till much later in the movie. However they can’t leave the house because the devil will just follow them. There lives’ and days are in the devils hands, slowly the spooks become scarier and scarier until they find their way out, or do they? You’re going to have to find that out on your own.

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