Friday, April 29, 2011

A movie made for only the eyes and ears of poker players. If you don’t play poker I wouldn’t see you liking this movie at all. But if you do play, this is a film I would recommend if you haven’t seen it already. Beyond poker this movie has a very interesting plot that keeps you focused throughout. The movie is about two poker players, both very good however I think with the ways they play they could be considered degenerates. Matt Damon plays a law student named Mike Mcdermott. Mike is your classic gambler, lies to his girlfriend about where he is going, puts all his money on the line and sneaks out in the middle of the night. Mike loses big 10,000 against the big fish Teddy KGB, one of the best poker players in the town. Unfortunately that was it for Mike, his poker career was over that was all his money. His girlfriend said she would leave him if she caught him playing again. His buddy Worm gets out of jail and the gambling slowly starts up again; he loses his girlfriend and ends up taking care of Worms’s poor habits. If Worm needs money Mike gives it to him, however instantly we know that Worms name is Worm because he is a slime ball. No one helps him other than Mike because no one likes him, there like brothers and Mike is trying to redirect him. This movie is a quick glimpse of the life of a poker player. It shows the rough times that player have to go through to live out their dreams.

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