Monday, April 18, 2011

Fair Game A Great Story

The movie, Fair Game was created by the director of The Bourne Identity and proved to be one of my favorite real life thrilling experiences of a real-life CIA officer. (Valerie Plame) played by an academy award winner Noemi Watts and her husband Joe Wilson played by an academy award winner Sean Penn. This film was based on a true story of a CIA agents name leaked by a bad man on a newspaper for the whole world to see. Valerie was placed into danger because of the White House's article and had to deal with stressful and very horrible encounters of drama because of it. She was placed into danger and fought for her rights against the enemies who did this to her. The tear of Valerie's relationship with her husband and career was at stake and almost ruined if it wasn't for the great ending incorporating real-life footage from Valerie's real interview. This movie was gripping and very emotional as the life of a woman was taken from her from a simple name drop on a paper. Her career was lost and the jeopardy of her families safety was put to the test. The emotional struggle this family had to deal with was very powerful and would get the attention from many people interested in this topic. I loved this film and thought the acting was very well done on both their parts and helped us to understand the severity this real life situation was. It was done in a great manner and brought out all the emotions a strong family needed in order to survive this horrible ordeal. Great job once again Noemi and Sean.

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